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Artsy Things That Both Adults and Children Can Do At Home

This whole quarantine/lock down/social distance situation is taking much longer than expected. Everyone is starting to feel bored or trapped at home. Thankfully, there are a lot of online resources currently being offered to help us pass time.

For parents, keeping their child/children busy helps a lot in maintaining peace and order in their homes. Especially for those parents who are working from home and still try their best to meet their work deadlines while taking care of their children. This can become really stressful and even parents need some creative outlet too.

Here are some art ideas that can keep the children busy and at the same time a stress reliever for the parents.

Colouring Books / Pages

There are a lot of free printable colouring pages online. All you need is to print them at home and voila! It’s colouring time! Some free websites are:

If you don’t have a printer (or ink. LOL) at home, you can easily get some colouring books from Amazon.

Learning to Make Some DIY Projects

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen thousands of DIY videos online. They all seem to look easy to make. Please be careful when working on these projects because there are some that can be dangerous. Here are some easy and safe DIY Projects that would be some to make with children.

These projects are very cost efficient and they also support recycling or reusing of materials. These are also things that you probably already have at home. 🙂


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