The Self Taught Life

What it's like to self-educate and make the most out of it.


Hello and Welcome to The Self Taught Life!

I’m Esli (es-lee). I’m a self taught baker, cake decorator, cook, DIY-er, traveller, planner, singer, dancer and now…blogger? LOL. I did not say that I am an expert in all of those things but I love learning about them (amongst other things). I’m the type of person that if I set my mind into something, I study it, try it and see what I can make out of that new information or experience.

I studied and graduated as a Software Engineer (IT). I am very thankful to be currently working in the IT world and doing what I actually studied. Even though it seems like I’m on the “right track” career wise, there’s always something else that I would LOVE TO DO. Things that I would go for if time, money or maybe both is not an issue (or in a perfect world? LOL).

I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one that is feeling this way. This is why I’ve decided to have this space for sharing and learning.

  • To create a positive space for people like me to share what they’ve learned on their self taught journeys
  • To provide great sources of knowledge on food, travel, lifestyle and anything in between
  • To encourage others who are curious to try or explore different things but are scared to go out of their comfort zones

I hope you enjoy reading through my posts! Please feel free to reach out and share your self taught stories. Email them to

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